Art & Culture Programme

(i) Building & Equipments Grant maximum of Rs. - Lacs for construction of building, Rs. - Lacs for equipments.
(ii) Development of Buddhist/Tibetan Culture & Art
    (a) Maintenance/Research projects Rs.- Lac p.a.
    (b) Repairs, restoration, renovation of ancient Rs. - Lac p.a.
    (c) Award of Fellowships/Scholarships/Holding of Rs. - Lac p.a.
    (d) Purchase of books, documentation, cataloguing Rs. - Lac p.a.
    (e) Financial assistance may also be given of Rs. - Lacs p.a. for construction of Hostel Building.
    (f) Salary of teachers where organisation is running a school for imparting monastic education Rs. - Lacs p.a.
(iii) Reservation & Development of the Culture Heritage of the Himalayas Grant Rs. - Lacs.
(iv) Promotion & Dissemination of Tribal/Folk Art & Culture Grant Rs. - Lacs.
(v) Promotion & Strengthening of Regional & Local Museums.
(vi) Research support to Voluntary Organisations, engaged in cultural activities i.e. Literary, Visual & Performing Arts Grant maximum of Rs. - Lac.
(vii) Setting up of multipurpose complexes including those for children grant upto Rs. - Crore.
(viii) Development of Maintenance of National Memorials Grant maximum Rs. - Lacs.
(ix) Centenaries/Anniversaries
     (a) Grants not exceeding Rs. - Lac to NGO for appropriate programmes under the scheme.
     (b) Grants not exceeding Rs. -/- in case of anniversary celebration of Jubilee Years i.e., 125th, 150th, 175th & so on.