Food Processing Units

(i) Food & Fruit Processing & Preservation
     (a) Single line -/ Lacs
     (b) Multiline(FPTC) -/ Lacs
    (c) Seminar -/ Lacs
    (d) Training Prog.(EDP)- / Lacs
(ii) Food Processing Units grants - 25%
    (a) Fruit & Vegetable Processing
    (b) Bakery bread, Buns; & Biscuits
    (c) Fish Processing
    (d) Poultry Processing
    (e) Meat Processing
    (f) Milk and Dairy Products Processing
    (g) Mushroom Spawn production and preservation
    (h) Oil Processing Units
    (i) Consumer Industry Chocolate,Confectionary, Soft/ Aerated Beverages / Drinks etc.