Youth Related Projects

(1) Scheme for Development and Empowerment of Adolescents
(2) Scheme for Promotion of Youth Activities and Taining
(3) Scheme for promotion of Adventure
(4) Scheme for promotion of National Integration

Exhibitions / NIC - Theatre, Folk Dances, Folk Songs, Handlooms and Handicraft, National Integration, Social issues, Painting & similar other creative fine arts, Book Fairs, Sporting achievements, On subjects like education, culture, science and technology, agriculture, rural development industries and commerce, health & family welfare, environment, social welfare etc.
Sports Facilities - Play field /- to /-, Indoor stadium -/ Lacs to -/ Lacs, Outdoor stadium -/ Lacs to -/ Lacs, Swimming Pool -/ Lacs to -/ Lacs, Water Sports -/ Lacs, Winter Sports -/ Lacs, Skating Rink -/ Lacs, Sports Hostel -/ Lacs & Others.