Special Projects

(i) Dairy, Poultry, Goatry, Piggery, Sheep Rearing, Plantation, Handloom, Handicraft, Sericulture, Mushroom Cultivation, Floriculture, Plantation & Wasteland Development Rs. - Crores.
(ii) Consumer Awareness Programme - Direct Project Establishing D.C.I.C. - Rs. - Lacs
(iii) Rural Development, Watershed, Waste & Barren Land Improvement - Rs. - Crores.
    a. Agriculture and Natural Resources Management.
    b. Promotion of Scented Rice Cultivation.
    c. Agrivision District Support System.
    d. Nurseries for Planting Material Y Animal Husbandry.
    e. Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship and Micro enterprises.
    f. Establishing 'School Ashram' of Alternative Education & Strengthening of Hostels for Dalit Students.
    g. Strengthening of Laboratory Facilities in the High School.
    h. Information Technology Y Science Technology Park.
    i. Improvement of Marketing infrastructure and development.
    j. Technological Interventions in Agricultural Activities for sustainable prosperity of Rural Poor.
    k. Bio diversity, Conservation, Conservation & Eco-Development through Water Shed Management.
    l. Establishing of Modern Milk Processing Plants & Establishment Y Mushroom Cultivation.
    m. Sericulture Y Honey Cultivation Y Food Preservation.
    n. Herbal Cultivation Y Herbal & alternative care products.
    o. Water Ponding & Rain Harvesting Y Floriculture.
    p. Vermi Compost Y Goatry Y Poultry Y Fisheries.
    q. Poverty Aleviation through Training-cum-Income Generating Handloom, Handicraft & Other Trainings.
    r. Hostels for SC/ST, Students with special attention to girls and drop out students.
    s. Special School-cum-Hostel for handicapped.
    t. Improvement of Health Services Y Dispensary
    u. Mobile Care Hospitals & Mobile Care Eye-diagnosis Centres.